Monday, July 28, 2008

Girl power

I had a very nice weekend. It was just me and my girlfriends. I had almost forgotten how good it is to just hang out with old friends you get to talk about almost everything time will allow. It boosts your confidence as you might be going through a rough patch but having your girls support you might give you a new resolve.

If you are feeling a bit low why not give some friends a call? You never know! You get to put your worries aside for a few hours and it may not be so bad afterall. I had so much fun it was like great indiscreet sex! No guilts or baggage it was absolutely fabulous.

I hope I get to do that more often. Here is to my girls who made it all happen ya all get a hi5, a big smoochie kiss and a great big hug! Have a fantastic week.
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